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Latest News

Electricity Comparative Report 

This is the sixth Electricity Price Comparison report for the Utilities Regulatory Authority (the 'Authority) for the small pacific island countries and territories. Information presented in this report can be used to observe trends and major factors influencing electricity prices. This paper is to provide a comparison of electricity prices paid by customers in Vanuatu with customers in different small Pacific island countries across the region.

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Utilities Regulatory Authority Retreat (February 2019)

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (the Authority management on an annual basis facilitates a team Retreat to ensure annual deliverables align with its Vision and Mission. The Retreat allows for coordinated collaborations between the Authority and stakeholders towards achieving outcomes and goals that adhere to overarching Government policies and Visions

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Electricity Fact Sheet 2012 - 2017 (December 2018)

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (the 'Authority') is pleased to present this updated Electricity Fact Sheet providing statistical information on the electricity section in Vanuatu particularly within the four concession areas of Port Vila, Luganville, Malekula (Lakatoro) and Tanna (Lenakal) in which the two main Utilities UNELCO and VUI operate. The Fact Sheet does not embrace information/data on areas outside the concession areas that also generate and use electricity. 

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Consumer Complaints and Dispute Resolution Rules and Procedures

The CCDR Rules Case U-0009-14 sets out a clear process for the Authority to deal with consumer complaints, it receives in accordance with section 19 of the URA Act. The CCDR (as amended) is in force as of 20 February 2017.

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VUI Electricity Tariff Adjustment decrease by 10.44%

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) Commission has issued an order to the Vanuatu Utilities and Infrastructure Limited (VUI), to reduce its currently applied tariff of 40.25 Vatu/kWh to 36.29 Vatu/kWh. This is an average price reduction of 10.44%

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Public Notice - Electricity Tariff Review Filing by UNELCO - (September 2016)

UNELCO has filed a Tariff Application with the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) requesting review of its electricity tariffs for Port Vil, Malekula and Tanna for the rate period 2016-2021.

Public Announcement:Right to Self-generation of electricity through Solar PV Installations (Published by Daily Issue 4790 21 May 2016)

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) is aware that people in Vanuatu have considered generating electricity for self-use using Solar PV installation.

Utility Billing and Payment Rules (May 2016)

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) has sets out the Final Decision and Commission Order issuing the Utility Billing and Payment Rules for Water and Electricity Services URA Case S-0016-14.

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To enhance quality of life and business growth in Vanuatu by ensuring reliable, customer friendly electric and water
services at reasonable at prices available to all who demand it.



  • Enhance rapid access power and water, especially in outlining and rural communities.

  • Contain prices of these services of affordable levels thru efficiencies in operations, fuel mix,
    renewable, IPPs, smart gird smart metering etc.

  • Contain Incentive mechanism thru pricing and public education to promote efficient use of
    power and water resources.

  • Ensure safe and reliable services thru developing standards of safety, performance monitoring
    and enforcement.

  • Develop mechanism and tools to enhance consumer protection and consumer care and
    improved relationships between services providers and consuming public.

  • Strengthen URA Organization structure and skills thru recruitment, training and
    professional development.

  • Make electricity a vehicle growth in Vanuatu by offering businesses competitive prices in the region.



Welcome to the Utilities Regulatory Authority's Website

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) is the economic regulator of electricity and water services in Vanuatu. URA approves tariffs for electricity and water services for private providers under Concessions Contracts and the State-Owned water enterprise. URA also assists in resolving consumer complaints and advises the Government on policy and legislative matters related to the supply of electricity and water.

URA was created to promote the consumers long-term interest and to increase access to safe, reliable and affordable electricity and water services throughout Vanuatu.


Objectives of the URA:

  • Enhance rapid access to power and water, especially in outlying and rural communities
  • Contain prices for these services to affordable levels through efficiencies in operations, fuel mix, renewable, IPPs, smart grid, smart metering and competition;
  • Create incentive mechanisms through pricing and public education to promote efficient use of power and water resources;
  • Ensure safe and reliable services through standards of safety, reliability, performance monitoring and enforcement
  • Develop mechanism and tools to enhance consumer protection, consumer care and improved relationships between service providers and consuming public;
  • Make electricity a vehicle for growth in Vanuatu by offering business competitive prices and reliable supply in the region; and
  • Strengthen URA organization structure and skills through training and professional development.

URA is an initiative of the Vanuatu Government with financial support from AusAID through the Governance for Growth (GfG) Program in cooperation with the World Bank.

Please visit the About Us tab to learn about our objectives and structure. 






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