To enhance quality of life and business growth of Vanuatu by ensuring reliable, customer friendly electric and water services at reasonable prices available to all who demand it.



  • Enhance rapid access power and water, especially in outlining and rural communities;
  • Contain prices of these services of affordable levels thru efficiencies in operations, fuel mix, renewable, IPPs, smart gird smart metering etc;
  • Contain Incentive mechanism thru pricing and public education to promote efficient use of power and water resources;
  • Ensure safe and reliable services thru developing standards of safety, performance monitoring and enforcement;
  • Develop mechanism and tools to enhance consumer protection and consumer care and improved relationships between services providers and consuming public;
  • Strengthen URA Organization structure and skills thru recruitment, training and professional development, and
  • Make electricity a vehicle growth in Vanuatu by offering businesses competitive prices in the region.




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