The Utilities Regulatory Authority Act No. 11 of 2007 states that the URA's primary objective is to regulate utilities to ensure the provision of safe, reliable and affordable water services throughout Vanuatu. The URA also aims to increase access to water and promote consumers' long-term interests.

The URA's role generally involves regulating prices and services standards, and monitoring market conduct in the water sector.

It also investigates and advises the Government on regulatory matters that affect Vanuatu's water utilities.

Industry-specific legislation and agreements also affect the Authority's work, such as the Water Supply Act No. 28 of 1955 [CAP 24], the Water Resources Management Act No. 9 of 2002, and the Contract for the Management and Operation of the Water Supply Service in Port Vila. For a complete and updated list, please consult the Government of Vanuatu's website.





The URA monitors the price and service performance of water distribution and publishes reports of their performance to inform customers. There is currently no report available.

UNELCO and the Department of Public Works are required to appoint an independent auditor to conduct audits of their compliance with codes and guidelines published by the URA; and the reliability and quality of information they report to the URA.

The URA publishes the summary reports of audits undertaken but there is currently no report available.

The URA has issued the following reports:

Luganville Tariff Review (2012-2013)

Port Vila Tariff Review (September 2015)

- A study on small water utilities (upcoming)

- Water Safety Standards (upcoming)

- Water Reliability Standards (upcoming)




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