Public Water Supply Systems

After Independence in 1980, all public water supply systems installed and operated by the condominium government at Port Vila on Efate, Luganville on Santo, , Lakatoro on Malekula and Isangel on Tanna were transferred to the Vanuatu Government. Since then the Government through the Public Works Department has been managing and operating these public water supply systems in accordance with the provisions set out in the Water Supply Act(1995).

In 1993, the Government of Vanuatu delegated the management and operations of the Port Vila public water supply services to UNELCO.

In 2016, PWD installed and commissioned the water network at Saratamata on Ambae to become part of the public water supply system.

The Department of Water Resources(DoWR) took over the management and operations responsibilities of public water supply systems in Vanuatu from PWD following legislative reforms approved by Parliament in 2016.  




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