Small Water Suppliers

In 2014, the URA Commission established Rules prescribing conditions for registration of Small Water Suppliers (SWS). The Rules allowed the URA to enforce appropriate regulations on registered SWS to ensure safe, reliable and affordable services at all time.

Subject to Sections 11(1)(a) of the Water Resource Management Act [CAP 281] (as amended), persons may supply water to other persons for consumption in specific areas. If such persons are determined to be supplying water to customers in exchange for payment, they are considered as a utility under the URA act and are considered as SWS in accordance with the SWS Registration Rules

Public Water Supply Systems and entities that already have management and operation contract with the government to supply water such as UNELCO are not considered as SWS.

The current SWS registered with the URA are:

  •         Beverly Hills & Bellevue, Efate
  •          Teoumaville, Efate
  •          Narpow Point, Efate
  •          Bukura, Efate
  •         Devil's Point, Efate




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