URA was established in part to help consumers get access to electricity and water services.

The Utilities Regulatory Authority Act No. 11 of 2007 (as amended) serves to ensure the provision of safe, reliable and affordable regulated services, to maximize access to regulated services throughout Vanuatu and to promote the long-term interests of consumers. 

URA completed its first UNELCO electricity tariff review in May 2010 and recommended a 6.8% reduction of the tariff, which is applied in Luganville. The decision was disputed for the three other electricity concessions and a panel of arbitration was set up to find a compromise. In May 2011, the tariff was reduced by 4.7% on average for the concessions on Efate, Malekula and Tanna islands.

URA also supports consumers by establishing industry standards and monitoring the utilities. URA seeks to prevent misuse of monopoly power while ensuring that customers benefit from the gains of regulation and efficiency.


Consumer Complaints and Dispute Resolution Rules and Procedures

The CCDR Rules Case U-0009-14 sets out a clear process for the Authority to deal with consumer complaints it receives in accordance with section 19 of the URA Act. The CCDR (as amended) is in force as of 20 February 2017.
Utility Billing and Payment Rules
The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) has set out the Final Decision and Commission Order issuing the Utility Billing and Payment Rules for Water and Electricity Services URA Case U-0016-14. This Commission Order is the formal order to utilities to carry out the necessary actions to implement the provisions described herein.
Safety Reliability Standards 
URA electricity standards and rules regulating works and safety of persons in the vicinity of electricity grids December 2014
Case S-0001-14 Electricity Safety Standards and Rules.
Electricity Fact Sheet Report
The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) is pleased to present this Electricity Fact Sheet providing information on electricity in Vanuatu particularly within the concession areas in Port Vila, Malekula, (Lakatoro), Tanna ( Lenakel) and in Luganville (Santo) where the two main Utilities, UNELCO and VUI operates.




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