In accordance with the URA Act’s Division 2 – Safety standards, orders, inspection and reliability standards, section 14, the Authority may issue safety standards in relation to the safety of a regulated service throughout Vanuatu. In determining whether to issue any safety standard, the Authority must have regard to the cost and convenience of compliance with the safety standard and the nature and importance of the safety issue that is addressed. The Electricity Safety Standards are issued by the Authority as guidelines for electricity utilities to ensure that electricity is generated and distributed safely to the consumers. They cover all aspects involved with providing safe electricity to ensure that the public including the personnel within the respective utilities as well as facilities involved in providing electricity are protected. Each Standard has specific performance requirements that must be met to manage Health and Safety issues effectively. A guideline is provided with each standard to assist regulated utilities in understanding and complying with the requirements.

PDF Electricity Safety Standards July 2011


Electricity Safety Standards and Rules
The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) Commission is pleased to issue this Final Decision and Order setting out the standards and rules to regulate works and safety of persons in the vicinity of electricity grids (case S-0001-14). The electricity safety rules promote safety of the person in the vicinity of an electricity network and rules highlight procedures that the public are to undertake when working or living near an electricity network. The rules also define safety parameters that the public must respect to avoid being harmed by electric shocks and other possible electricity-related dangers.





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