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Consumer Support

URA was established in part to help consumers get access to electricity and water services.

The Utilities Regulatory Authority Act No. 11 of 2007 (and later amendments) states that the URA's primary objective is ‘to promote the long-term interests of Vanuatu’s consumers with regard to price, quality and reliability of regulated services.’

URA completed its first electricity tariff review in May 2010 and recommended a 6.8% reduction of the tariff, which is applied in Luganville. The decision was disputed for the three other electricity concessions and a panel of arbitration was set up to find a compromise. In May 2011, the tariff was reduced by 4.7% on average for the concessions on Efate, Malekula and Tanna islands.

URA also supports consumers by establishing industry standards and monitoring the utilities.

It prevents misuse of monopoly power and ensures that customers benefit from the gains from regulation and efficiency.

Consumer Complaints and Dispute Resolution Rules and Procedures

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) has issued an Order to strengthen Customer Complaints and Dispute Resolution Process. The Order clearly defines the process URA will follow to assist consumers to resolve any grievances that may have with the electricity or water utility. URA currently has in place an informal dispute resolution procedure to assist consumers who have a complaint against their Utility and requests URA assistance (Case U-009-14)

PDF Final Decisiona and Commission Order - May 2015

In this section of the website, we focus on three major aspects of the URA's support to consumers:

- The Public Education Program aims to inform and educate the consumers about the electricity and water services in Vanuatu, as well as their rights and responsibilities.

- Issues Resolution is a new concept in Vanuatu: helping customers resolve their disputes with electricity and water utilities was one of the main reasons behind the establishment of the URA.

- Consultations are key to the URA as it depends on consumers’ submission to shape its final decisions.

If you have any question about the URA, please read the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.