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Water Sector

Authority's Findings - Compliance Concerns in relation to the Port Vila Water Concession Contract

The Authority has published it's findings in relation to compliance concern on the Port Vila Water Contract. This findings is also published as Notice No 97 of 2018 in the Official Gazette No 65 of 2018.

The Concession Contract for Water Supply Services - Proposed Addendum

The Utilities Regulatory Authority ("The Authority") has been requested by the Government to provide its independent advice on the proposed Addendum No.6 - of the Concession Contract for the Management and Operation of the Water Supply Services i Port Vila. The Authority, in response to the Government request has provided a position paper outlining the Authority's analysis and advice on the proposed addendum.

Consumer Complaints and Dispute Resolution Rules and Procedures

The CCDR Rules Case U-0009-14 sets out a clear process for the Authority to dealt with consumer complaints it receive in accordance with section 19 of the URA Act. The CCDR (as amended) is in force as of 20 February 2017.


September 2015 - The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) has published its Final Decision on Water prices in Port Vila.This is first time that water prices in Port Vila have been reviewed by the URA, and the adjustment in more that a decade. This final base price issued is 50.54 vatu, a reduction of 14.74% from the current price of 59.28 vatu.


The URA Commission has established the Small Water Suppliers (Registration) Rules 2014 (Rules). The Rules require a Small Water Supplier to register with the URA by completing the registration form available on the URA website. Small Water Suppliers are defined as persons (individual, public or private entity) supplying water prior to 24 June 2014 or intending to supply water after 24 June 2014 to consumers for a price. For the purpose of the Rules UNELCO and PWD are not considered as Small Water Suppliers.



The review of water prices in Luganville started in October 2012 at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, and should be completed in April 2013. Water services in Luganville are operated by the government through the Public Works Department (PWD).In its recently published draft decision, the URA proposed a conditional price increase for water in Luganville. During its investigations, the URA found that many water customers in Luganville were concerned about water quality, which is not in line with World Health Organization standards. The recommended price increase of 13.2% (to 59 vatus per cubic meter) is to ensure that enough revenue is collected so that the water quality can be improved. The conditions for the price increase include: the proper financial and operational ring-fencing, establishing a performance audit, and securing funding for a large investment program by the Vanuatu Government to overhaul the water infrastructure in Luganville.

PDF Issues Paper November 2012

PDF Consultation Stage 1 Report December 2012

PDF Framework Paper December 2012

PDF Tariff Application Report December 2012

PDF Consultation Stage 2 Report February 2013

PDF Draft Decision February 2013

PDF Luganville Water System Fixed Asset Valuation & Expenditure Estimates (by Wilson Cook Ltd)

PDF Consultation Report Stage 3 Report May 2013

PDF Final Decision May 2013

PDF Commission Order May 2013

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