The Utilities Regulatory Authority Act No. 11 of 2007 states that the URA's primary objective is to regulate utilities to ensure the provision of safe, reliable and affordable electricity services throughout Vanuatu.

The Authority also aims to increase access to electricity and promote consumers' long-term interests.

The URA's role generally involves regulating prices and services standards, and monitoring market conduct in the electricity sector.

It also investigates and advises the Government on regulatory matters that affect Vanuatu's electricity utilities.

Industry-specific legislation and agreements also affect the Authority's work, such as the Electricity Supply Act [CAP. 65], Concession Agreements for the town of Port Vila, and Tanna and Malekula islands. For a complete and updated list, please consult the Government of Vanuatu's website.

The URA Act enables the Authority to exercise the rights assigned to it in managing contracts between the Government and the regulated utilities. This enables the Authority to issue any penalties that are associated with such contractual agreements.




The Authority has publicly issued several reports and papers:

Electricity Tariff Review (2009-2011)

Luganville Electricity Tariff Setting (2011)

Electricity Safety Standards (2011)

Electricity Reliability Standards (2011)

Electricity Prepayment Meter System (2009-2013)

How to see someones text messages (2009-2013)

Extension of Electricity Grid in Tanna and Malekula Concessions Independent Review and Assessment of Project Proposals for the Government of Vanuatu (2011)

- a performance report for the new utility operating in the Luganville concession (2011)

- an audit report (2010)




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