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Public Education Program

The Public Education Program (PEP) aims to inform and educate the consumers about the electricity and water services in Vanuatu, as well as their rights and responsibilities.

There are currently two topics available:

(1) Understanding your electricity bill: the presentation focuses on the bill itself and the Electricity Supply Agreement, and what important information they provide. We explain the billing cycle and what happens when you do not pay your bill and get disconnected, and later on want to be reconnected. We also go over the customer categories and encourage participants to make sure they are in the right one so that they do not pay more than they should. We also explain what is included in the price of electricity, from fuel to staff cost.

PDF Presentation (upcoming)
PDF Brochure (upcoming)

(2) Managing your electricity consumption: the discussion focuses on tips to help you save energy and reduce your bill. Participants are asked what appliances they use and we look at changing some simple behaviour to reduce their electricity consumption, such as switching off appliances they do not use. We also explain the difference between low and high wattage appliances, so for example a kettle will use more electricity than a light bulb. We also talk about energy labels on appliances

PDF Poster  (upcoming)
PDF Brochure  (upcoming)
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The team is developing more content on connection/disconnection fees and water issues.

Contact us if you want the URA to organize a session in your community, association or business.