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Issues Resolution

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) is Vanuatu’s economic regulator of electricity and water services. The Government of Vanuatu established the URA on 11 February 2008 under the Utilities Regulatory Authority Act No. 11 of 2007.

The URA is empowered to resolve customer complaints relative to regulated services provided by utilities under Division 3, section 19(1) of the Act:

The Authority may, if requested by a person, assist that person to resolve any dispute with a utility in respect to a regulated service.

The URA is to ensure that the process by which it undertakes to resolve disputes between customer and the utility is to be transparent and in accordance with the Act as well as any other contractual commitments between the customer and the utility.

The URA addresses three types of customer issues:

  1. Enquiries related to the regulated service
  2. Complaints by customers related to the regulated service or utilities providing the regulated service
  3. Disputes between customers and utilities providing the regulated service

See the Download flow chart and the summary below for more details about the process.

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If you have an enquiry or a complaint, please visit the URA in the ground floor of the VNPF building in Port Vila, or call (678) 23335. You can also send an email [Contact Us] and provide the following information:


  1. Your contact information (name, phone number, mailing address)
  2. Type of issue (enquiry, complaint, dispute)
  3. Name of the utility so we can follow up [Please contact the utility first to try to solve the issue]
  4. Detailed description of the issue



Customers can submit any enquiry to the URA and will get an answer within 24 hours.


When customers have a complaint about electricity and water services, they should contact the relevant utility. If the issue is not resolved, customers should contact the URA who then consult with the utility. If the URA and the utility cannot come to an agreement, or if the complaint is not solved to the customer's satisfaction, the dispute process starts.



The URA investigates the complaint that became a dispute with the utility and comea up with a final decision that has to be approved by its Commissionners and by the customer who raised the issue. If the decision has an impact on the utility, it also has to accept the URA's decision. If the customer or the utility do not agree with the URA's final decision, legal action can be undertaken. For more details, see the flow chartPDF or contact us.