The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) accepts all submissions from interested persons in good faith and has a policy to publish all submissions on the URA’s website. However, the URA reserves the right to withhold submissions from publication on its website and/or to delete parts of a submission from publication where the submission has been submitted on the basis that all or parts of it are not to be published, or where, in the opinion of the URA, a submission contains information which is or may be considered to be:

  •         in breach of privacy legislation or may result in the identification of an individual without his or her consent
  • inflammatory or offensive or otherwise inappropriate for publication;
  • defamatory or may otherwise expose the URA to legal action;
  • confidential or commercially sensitive; or
  • outside the terms of reference of the review.


Where the URA receives a submission, the URA will publish that submission and the details of the person or organization making the submission on its website unless the URA is advised in writing that the submission and/or personal information should not be published, or if one or more of the above listed considerations exists in the reasonable opinion of the URA. The making of a submission without an express request for privacy is deemed to constitute consent to publish a submission and details of the person or organization making the submission.

The URA will not be liable to any person or organization named in a submission where the URA withholds or fails to withhold a submission and/or personal information from publication or deletes parts of the submission that may fall into one or more of the above categories. Any refusal to publish a submission or the deletion of any information in a submission is at the prerogative of the URA and the URA will not be liable to any person for such action. Notwithstanding the above, it should be noted that all submissions will be fully considered by the URA pursuant to its decision making powers.

It should also be noted that submissions posted on its website may be retained on the website for any period of time at the discretion of the URA.

Download this file (VANUATU ELECTRICTY SAFETY STANDARDS Draft for Comment May 2010[1].pdf) Review of Certain Actions - Internal Review Guideline




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