Utilities Regulatory Authority

In 2022, the Authority put out its Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026 to transparently outline and inform our stakeholders of the Authority's strategic direction. 

Strategic and Action Plan will guide and enhance URA’s regulatory functions over the next five years and will also enable better alignment of URA’s regulatory functions and goals with broader Government strategic and sustainable development priorities to achieve stronger economic and development outcomes as reliable, well-priced and accessible utility provision encourages entrepreneurship and investment.




To achieve its Vision, the Authority has the following strategic objectives to pursue which are to:

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our regulatory functions;
  • Strengthen and monitor price and safe provision of regulated services;
  • Promote reliability and enhance the quality of regulated services;
  • Identify means to enable regulated services to become more affordable;
  • Maximize access to regulated services;
  • Promote utility service resilience and environmental conservation objectives through regulation;
  • Enhance regulatory capacity to regulate petroleum products.