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The electricity market in Vanuatu is a dynamic one that is evolving into a more renewable energy-friendly market following the Government’s National Sustainable Development Policy implementation of achieving 100% renewable energy electricity access by 2030 and COP 27.

Of the 83 islands in Vanuatu, electricity network grids are located only on the islands of Vanua Lava, Ambae, Maewo, Santo, Pentecost, Malekula, Efate, and on Tanna. The electricity service providers are private utility operators, the Government (through the Department of Energy), Electricity Cooperatives, and Community operated.

The electricity utility market is evolving from fossil fuel to more renewable energy technology solutions and is driven by the National Energy Road Map. Utility Scale Solar and Wind farms make up most of the grid-connected renewable energy systems. Customer Rooftop solar PV systems also exist within utility networks mainly to self-generate for self-consumption.

These utilities vary in size so their customer numbers for each of the electricity service providers on each island vary as well as the utility generation mix. Some details are made available through the Authority’s Publications of reports.

The Authority issues tariff determinations for each of the regulated electricity service providers. To know more about respective utility tariffs, go to Tariff

While the utility networks are limited to only a few islands, accessibility to electricity in rural and remote areas has been driven mainly by Solar Home Systems and Solar Light technology rolled out by the Government following assistance from development partners.

Location of Electrical Utilities to access the location of regulated electricity utilities in Vanuatu.