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The Authority ensures that its strategic goals align with the Government initiatives to enable the growth of renewable in Vanuatu. To promote the growth of renewable energy within the Vanuatu Electricity Market, the Authority ensure that regulated utilities capture within their business plans and operations renewable energy initiatives.

Key regulatory activities that support the promotion of renewable energy (RE).

  • Electricity Utility Tariffs are determined by the Authority to ensure investments incorporate RE Technologies with benefits passed on to customers.

  • Guidelines and Technical Standards are issued by Authority to provide utilities with the understanding of regulatory expectations in relation to RE to ensure safety, service reliability, and affordability while ensuring that benefits from the deployment of RE technologies are distributed accordingly across the electricity market.

  • Advisories are provided by the Authority to the Government to inform relevant RE policies and legislation reforms required to bring down barriers impeding RE evolution and growth in Vanuatu.

  • The Authority participates in dialogues with entities that are interested in investing in grid connected RE solutions to ensure these entities can also contribute to reducing Vanuatu’s overall reliance on fossil fuel.

RE-related documents issued by the Authority include.

You can access the Vanuatu National Energy Road Map (NERM) 2016 - 2023