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The Vanuatu Utilities and Infrastructure Limited (VUI) has been the electricity service provider in Santo since 2010 when it was awarded a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement (MOU) to generate and supply electricity in Santo.  

In June 2019, resulting from the Vanuatu Government tender process, VUI won the tender bid and is awarded a 20-year contract in being the Electricity Concessionaire for the islands of Santo, Vanua Lava, Ambae, and Maewo electricity grids.  

Electricity Tariff Review 

The Authority undertook the tariff review and approved the maximum price for the operator to apply to its customers.

The customer category tariffs are a uniform base tariff of 52.32 Vatu/kWh, the customer's chargers are applied by VUI to the customer categories as follows:

VUI Customer Categories Charges  Unit  New Tariff (Vatu/kWh)  New Billing Coefficients (for 30 days billing period) 
Low Voltage  Unit Charge per kWh  
Up to 60 kWh   Vatu/kWh                 36.19                     0.69
61-120 kWh Vatu/kWh                 51.15                     0.98
Over 120 kWh Vatu/kWh                 71.00                     1.36
High Voltage  Unit Charge per kWh  Vatu/kWh                 65.00                     1.24
Monthly Fixed Charge  Vatu per kVA                1,216  


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