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The Wintua/Lorlow PV solar mini grid is the first pilot project that was initiated by the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) project and the Department of Energy. The mini-grid is a renewable energy-powered electricity grid that is operated by the Wintua and Lorlow Electricity Cooperative Society Ltd, the first locally operated under a Cooperative management system electricity grid in Vanuatu.  

Wintua and Lorlow villages are on South-West Bay, Malekula, with a total population of 2801 people. The mentioned villages are within walking distance of each other and are separated by a small river. Both villages have access to clean piped running water that is sourced upstream in a nearby river and is gravity fed to houses throughout the village. A Wintua/Lorlow Water Committee manages and operates the water network. 

Electricity Tariff Review 

The current tariff of 58 VT/kWh was determined and approved and issued by the Authority in October 2020 and applied in November 2020. The tariff was calculated with forecasted data the team obtained from the techno-economic feasibility study report, prepared by Energy Changes. The report was made available to the Authority on the 8th of June 2020 by Mr. Ian Iercet, NAMA’s Project Manager. 

Since then, the Authority did a tariff review of the solar mini-grid and will issue a new tariff for Wintua and Lowlor in July 2024. The tariff will be applied for a period of one (1) year.   

Maximum Price of Electricity for Wintua/Lorlow Solar Mini-Grid - October 2020

Maximum Price of Electricity for Wintua/Lorlow Electricity Cooperative Society Limited - May 2023