Utilities Regulatory Authority

The Minister of Finance and Economic Management Hon. John Salong Damasing (MP) has officially on June 30, 2023, a new website of the Utilities Regulatory Authority. The new website is accessible at www.ura.gov.vu The website is a user-friendly and informative site that will provide users who would be customers of electricity and water in Vanuatu, policymakers, and researchers with relevant and updated date information on utilities electricity, and water regulations in Vanuatu.  In his official remarks, the Honourable Minister emphasized the importance of the regulatory role of the Authority to ensure that customers of electricity and water in Vanuatu have fair treatment by the utilities while at the same time ensuring the financial sustainability of the utility operators.

The newly launched websites feature updated electricity and water prices, information for all utilities operating in Vanuatu, the Authority’s Commission Decisions, electricity snap short, and monthly electricity comparison reports which are of interest to policymakers, and other features including news about regulatory events. The website also has a geospatial information system for Electricity and Water Utility locations within Vanuatu with details that provide browsers with an in-depth understanding of electricity and water supply service coverage throughout Vanuatu.

Browsers will appreciate the Authority Publication Menu as it is easy to navigate and locate the Commission Decisions, Reports, Standards, and Guidelines with the legislations and subsidiary legislations. Users can make good use of the Publication Search menu to search reports by sector of Electricity or Water, by Year, and by Type of documents.

Grieving customers are able to submit their complaints via the website with guidance from the complaints procedure that is included in the Consumer Menu.

There is also a Public Education Program (PEP) section where customers can educate themselves on topics related to electricity and also get to find out about PEP sessions near them.

The URA CEO Mr. Paul Kaun highlighted that the Authority’s website is intended to present the Utilities Regulatory Authority’s functions to the public at large. The core purposes of the Authority are to ensure the provision of safe, affordable, reliable electricity service and water supply in Vanuatu which will have some impact on the sustainable development in Vanuatu.

The Authority would like to acknowledge PG IT Consulting for its professional support towards the development of the website as well as the capacity building of URA staff to ensure the URA’s independent oversight of the website is ongoing forward.