Utilities Regulatory Authority

The Utilities Regulatory Authority staff and commissioners were pleased to welcome the Honorable Minister of Finance, Minister John Salong Damasing to the Office on Friday 30th June 2023. During his visit, the Hon Minister was provided a briefing by each Division Manager on their divisional work and staffing maintained including the Engineering and Consumer Care Division, the Finance and Economics Division, the Corporate Division, and the Legal Division.

In his remarks, the Hon Minister was pleased to note the regulatory work the URA was undertaking. He commended the URA for the recent investigation done on the Department of Water Luganville water system and the need for this network to be upgraded and maintained. Hon Minister also reminded the URA of reasonableness when regulating utilities to ensure the regulatory discretion exercised was forthcoming for existing and newly established utilities of electricity and water. He says the Government will continue to support the URA where necessary as at the end of the day, customers are key.

The CEO Mr. Paul Kaun responded to the Hon Minister’s remarks by saying the URA will work in collaboration with the stakeholders and Government to deliver on what it says it will do in its 5-year strategic plan. That is by saying and doing and making these visible once implemented.

The visit of the Honorable Minister of Finance was concluded with the launch of its newly upgraded website at the Cocomo Resort in Port Vila on the day.