Utilities Regulatory Authority

As one of the co-founding members of the Office of the Pacific Energy Regulators Alliance (OPERA) alongside the Tongan and Samoan Energy Regulators, the URA Team representatives: Mr. Paul Kaun (URA CEO and is also one of the Vice Chairs of OPERA), Mr. Jean Chaniel (URA Chair) and Mr. Louis Vakaran (URA Legal Advisor), had participated in OPERA’s 2nd Annual General Meeting held at the UNCC Building in Bangkok from the 16th to 19th of October 2023.

This was an important meeting for members of OPERA to discuss yearly strategic plans including the future of OPERA in terms of its funding and future operations. The OPERA’s Annual Meeting event ended with a field visit to Amita, a manufacturer of Lithium Batteries and EVs in Thailand. This site visit was organized by the ADB.

At the meeting, OPERA members also reviewed and approved requests from other Pacific Island countries who wished to join the Pacific Energy Regulator’s Alliance.

As one of the independent energy regulators in the Pacific Island region, it is URA’s hope that OPERA can become a fully-fledged regional organization to be a medium of support and exchange between energy regulators in the Pacific Region.

Alongside this OPERA meeting, the URA also had the opportunity to assist the Vanuatu Government delegation in delivering on the Port Vila Call on "Demonstrating Leadership and Commitment to a Clean Energy Future."

Link to Pictures of the Energy Week and OPERA Meeting