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The availability of water is abundant throughout all the islands that make up the Vanuatu volcanic archipelago. Given that most of the geological profile of the islands consists of limestone and porous volcanic rocks the existence of aquifers is common, and it is for this reason that all water utilities in Vanuatu source water from boreholes.

The largest water utility network in the Country is operated and managed by UNELCO on the island of Efate. The Government through the Department of Water Resources operates the other water utility networks in Tanna, Malekula, Ambae, and Santo. Fully privately operated small-scale water systems that are also regulated are owned and managed by real estate owners that subdivide land for sale to tenants who become water customers.

Community water supply systems established across rural Vanuatu by the Department of Water Resources are also subject to regulation if the water supplied is sold to the community.

The Authority issues tariff determinations for each of the regulated water service providers. To know more about respective utility tariffs, go to Tariff

Location of Water Utilities to access the location of regulated water utilities in Vanuatu.