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Water Utilities

Under the Utilities Regulatory Authority Act, a utility is a person who supplies a regulated service to a consumer for payment and includes a related entity to that particular utility that is wholly or partially owned or controlled and owns the utility.

There are different categories of water utilities operating in Vanuatu:

-    Concessionaire;
-    Small Water Suppliers (Private operator);
-    Government.

Water Concessionaire 

A utility operating a water network a water concessionaire is an entity that has been granted a Concession Contract by the Government of Vanuatu to operate a water network.

The water concessionaire undertakes its responsibilities in accordance with the terms of the concession contract within the concession area that is defined in the contract.

 Port Vila has the biggest water network inclusive of the Port Vila and Teoumaville area.


Utility Name (Location) Total Number of Customers Water Source
UNELCO - Efate

9714 (Port Vila)

196 (Teoumaville)


Small Water Suppliers (SWS)

Small Water Suppliers are privately owned and operated water supply systems. Most of the SWS operate in sub-division areas that are not covered under the scope of concession areas or government-operated water supply systems.

The following are SWS that are registered with the URA:


Utility Name (Location) Total Number of Customers Water Source
Beverly Hills and Bellevue SWS - Efate 547 Borehole
Teouma Water Supply Ltd - Efate 50 Borehole
REST Development SWS - Efate 39 Borehole
Bukura SWS - Efate 445 Borehole

In order to effectively regulate such service providers to ensure that the water supplied is safe, reliable, and appropriately priced, it is necessary that the URA has an up-to-date record of such providers.

Small Water Suppliers Registration Rules and the form 


Government Water Supply System

Government water supply systems are water supply systems owned, operated, and managed by the Department of Water Resources in accordance with the Water Supply Act.

These are the government-operated water supply systems in Vanuatu.


Utility Name (Location) Total Number of Customers Water Source
Luganville - Santo 3957 Borehole
Lakatoro & Norsup, Malekula 286 Borehole
Saratamata, Ambae 95 Borehole
Isangel, Tanna 195 Borehole