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Beverly Hills and Bellevue Water Supply & Services (BBHWSS) is a Small Water Supply (SWS) network that supplies water services to Bellevue Estates, Bellevue Park, Bellevue Garden, and the Beverly Hills area. This is a private water network supplying water to Beverly Hills and Bellevue residents. It has around 756 customers.  


Water Tariffs 


BBHWSS is currently applying two tariffs: 120 Vatu per cubic meter and 103.41 Vatu per cubic meter.  

  • The 120VT/m3 is applied to customers at Bellevue Park.

  • The 103.41Vt/m3 is applied to customers at Bellevue estate, Bellevue Garden, and Beverley Hill area. 

Water Tariff Review - July 2023