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UNELCO is the current water supplier in Vanuatu’s capital city, Port Vila, and certain peri-urban areas on Efate Island. It has a 40-year concession agreement with the Vanuatu Government.

The Port Vila Water Concession Contract was awarded to UNELCO in 1993 for a period of 40 years that will expire in 2033. There have been multiple amendments made to the Port Vila Water Concession Contract with addendum 6 being the most recent, expanding the boundaries of the concession areas to include areas surrounding Port Vila. 

Water Tariff 

UNELCO’s billing frequency is quarterly and the water tariff that the operator applies is determined in accordance with the Contract for the Management and Operation of the Water Supply Service in Port Vila. Due to legislative restrictions in place, the Utilities Regulatory Authority (the Authority) currently neither reviews nor approves UNELCO’s quarterly adjusted water tariffs. However, UNELCO does inform the Authority of its adjusted water tariff each quarter.